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King George II

King George II and Queen Caroline 1727 - 1760

Born: 10 November 1683
Father: King George I
Mother: Sophia Dorothea of Celle
Reigned: 1727 - 1760
Died: 25 October 1760

Time Line

1727 - 11 June - George II succeeded his father George I
1727 - Death of Sir Isaac Newton
1727 - Painted Hall at Greenwich Royal Naval College completed by Sir James Thornhill.
1729 - Aberration of light discovered by James Bradley
1730 - John Harrison (1693 - ?) arrives at Greenwich with his sea-going clock plans.
1732 - Royal Charter founds Georgia
1737 - Samuel Johnson "Dr. Johnson" (1709 - 1784), lexicographer, author & critic lived in Greenwich.
1738 - Methodist movement founded by John & Charles Wesley who preached on Blackheath.
1739 - 7 April - Dick Turpin (highwayman) hanged. Highwaymen attacked at Shooters Hill.
1742 - Handel's Messiah first performed
1742 - James Bradley (1693 - 1762) appointed Astronomer Royal at Greenwich
1749 - Transit Room built at Greenwich Royal Observatory - home of Bradley's Greenwich Meridian.
c1750 - Antonio Canaletto (1687 - 1768) paints famous view of Greenwich Hospital from across the River Thames.
1751 - Greenwich Hospital completed to Sir Christopher Wren's (1632 - 1723) plans.
1752 - 3-14 September - Britain adopts Gregorian calendar - 11 days 'lost'
1753 - British Museum founded
1755 - Dr Samuel Johnson (former Greenwich resident) publishes Dictionary of the English Language
1758 - Appearance of Halley's Comet
1759 - Quebec taken by James Wolfe (resident of Greenwich)
1759 - Kew Gardens established
1760 - 25 October George II dies - statue in Royal Naval College gardens.
1760 - Succeeded by his grandson George III (immortalised on movie filmed in Greenwich)



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Greenwich lies on the River Thames, a few minutes by rail or tube, or a short river cruise from central London.  If you want to visit Greenwich and information on visiting London, England then see Greenwich Info.  There is the famous Cutty Sark to visit and the Royal Naval College.  Just down river is the Thames Barrier which is close to London City Airport

The Royal Observatory at Greenwich is in Greenwich Park along with the National Maritime Museum and the Queens House (on which the White House in Washington DC, USA is based).  For information on astronomy visit Greenwich Star

The London Marathon starts in Greenwich Park every Spring.

Greenwich has a long heritage; it was the birth place of King Henry VIII and his daughters Queen Mary (Bloody Mary) and Queen Elizabeth I (The Virgin Queen).  All the English monarchs can be found at Royal History.

It has seen many famous visitors from Peter the Great through Charles Dickens to Bob Hope.  This and a lot more in Greenwich Past.

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